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Sponsor a hands-on cooking experience for the youth!


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At TNC, we want to guide children in learning to be self-sufficient when it comes to nourishing their bodies. As the baby-boomers depart and technology continues to grow, our distance from traditional cooking does too! We want to provide the youth with the tools they need to bring them back to cooking as a lifelong skill. Food Adventure classes inspire children to get creative in the kitchen, develop a healthy relationship with food and invite their taste buds to a new food experience, all the while providing education on wholesome nutrition in an interactive setting. Children who attend will gain proficiency in basic culinary arts, will be exposed to food diversity, and will go home wanting to play a role in family food preparations!

Where Your Donation Goes

The money donated will go towards food supplies, kitchen supplies, the cost of renting the space for a classroom, a child's admission fee to the class, and other necessary materials.