Put an Apron on a Volunteer

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Every volunteer in the kitchen and dining room must wear an apron – help us to have enough aprons!


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Food safety requirements include every volunteer in the kitchen wear an apron. We are always in need of more aprons for our corps of volunteers. During the course of the week we might have as many as 100 volunteers, and sometimes they’ll use more than one apron. We have a volunteer who washes the aprons once a week, but we sometimes run low toward the end of the week. Some of our aprons are quite worn and stained, but we don’t have fresh ones to replace them, so we continue to use them.

Where Your Donation Goes

We will use the money to purchase aprons and if there's enough aprons, other items volunteers must wear - hair nets and gloves.

Further Information

Much of our food is donated, and much of the labor that is required to put the meals on the table each day is done by volunteers. But it costs money to have the resources to have enough volunteers each day - aprons, hairnets and gloves are not covered by any of our grants and we have to rely on donations to purchase such items.