Food Adventures Bus

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Help the Nutrition Center mobilize the Food Adventures Program with our new on-the-go interactive kitchen designed from a school bus.


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The Nutrition Center needs your help to mobilize our Food Adventures program. Food Adventures is a nutrition education program as well as a form of preventative medicine and additional academic support for children (pre-k-12) This hands-on nutrition cooking education program allows children to cultivate a healthy relationship with food by preparing meals through an interactive, fun, and peer-supportive approach. Our program teaches hands-on cooking skills, kitchen safety, how to prepare balanced meals, local food production as well as reinforcing standard core curriculum tying in concepts from math, science, geography, language arts and cultural awareness. This mobile classroom will give our nutrition educators access to areas and populations without community kitchen facilities ensuring all children in the Berkshires and beyond exposure to Food Adventures.

Where Your Donation Goes

The money donated will go to materials to redesign the bus and transform it into a mobile kitchen.