Feed everybody in the dining room today!

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Provide a meal to up to 100 people who would otherwise not have a healthy and delicious hot meal.


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You can provide the funds generally needed to prepare a meal on any given day in our dining room. We serve 75 – 100 lunches on an average day, to anybody who comes to the dining room while we are open. There are many paths to our dining room – we have hard working people who are not making a living wage and can’t afford to eat healthy meals on their budget, elderly people who no longer cook healthy meals at home and might not interact with other people all day except for when they come to lunch, people with disabilities that limit their ability to earn an income, young families who rely on free school lunches and need a little help when school is out, and community members who come to lunch to engage with others from different backgrounds and make connections, refer people to resources, et cetera. We ask no questions and serve everyone who enters the dining room every Monday through Friday between noon and 1 PM in downtown North Adams, MA.

Where Your Donation Goes

This donation will be used to by the food items that we aren't able to access through donations or the Food Bank of W MA. It will be used for food only.

Further Information

While we do not ask diners to provide financial or other information, we do offer outreach services that help us understand the demographics of our customers. More than 75% live in households that have low enough incomes to make them eligible for SNAP, HEAP and/or other safety net resources. Nearly 25% are "the working poor" - living in households with at least one person employed - but not making a living wage. A large number are suffering from mental health issues and disabilities. Through donations and the Food Bank of Western MA, we are able to leverage our food dollars to provide hot, healthy and delicious meals for as little as 1.50 per meal.