Drums during math class? We say YES!

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Berkshire Pulse would like to buy 10 new drums for students in our in-studio and in-school World Music and Dance programs.


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As part of its World Music and Dance program, Berkshire Pulse offers four levels of drum instruction to children and adults. Students explore West African, Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian rhythms and songs while developing their articulation on hand drums and other percussion instruments. World Music is also a key component of Pulse’s In-School Programs, which recognize how the arts bring dynamism to the learning process while helping children uncover their hidden talents, find their voice, and build strength and confidence. In fact, research validates that students with high levels of arts engagement from kindergarten through elementary school show higher test scores than students with lower levels of arts engagement over the same period. Pulse’s in-school programs provide a learning environment that is particularly supportive of children with kinetic and auditory learning styles, a segment of the student population that is often harder to serve.
In 2017, Pulse launched a Math and Drumming program in our area’s public schools. In this fun and engaging week-long program, students in grades 3 to 5 participate in daily sessions that integrate math and drumming. The physicality of drumming stimulates mental alertness, attention to detail, and memorization skills. Math and Drumming integrates arts into STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programming. Drumming creates a direct connection between math concepts and rhythm. As they clap, tap, stomp and drum, each child literally feels the concepts of math. Rhythms begin simply and grow more complex, demonstrating a connection to numbers and fractions. The program helps youth with memory, understanding and the ability to apply math concepts in the real world.
To expand student participation in our in-studio and in-school programs, Pulse would like to purchase 10 new drums. Please help us make some noise!

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