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Help us provide TWO BABY BOARD BOOKS to include in every Berkshire Baby Box, which each new family in Berkshire County is eligible for.
(A local bookstore provided all of our books for one year, and we want to continue to include books now that that sponsorship has ended.)


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We provide a safe sleep space for newborns in Berkshire County and these Boxes have a firm mattress and fitted sheet, along with items to help ease the transition to new parenthood.
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We feel passionately about providing books and the opportunity to discuss the importance of talking, reading and singing to even a pre-verbal baby – in any language – and to introduce the concept of the critical first years of development (0 – 5). With these first 2 books, we encourage new parents to bond with their new baby through reading and to establish the ritual of reading which will hopefully continue long after.

Where Your Donation Goes

100% of your donation will go to the purchase of the baby board books.
There are no administrative costs associated with this project.

Further Information

$15 will allow us to buy 2 books, which will fill one Berkshire Baby Box