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Amplify Berkshires

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Amplify is an experiential celebration of the power of music to bring people together. Youth musicians will first write and record an original song in a MIC JAMMS program, then, as a band, they will rehearse and perform songs written by their JAMMS peers across the globe in preparation for a public Amplify Concert. The Amplify 2018 Berkshires program takes place from August 6-26, 2018 at Darrow School in New Lebanon, NY.


​High School and College age youth are currently applying and auditioning to participate in Amplify 2018 Berkshires, which will take place from August 6-26, 2018 at Darrow School in New Lebanon, NY. (Applications are being accepted at

After collaboratively writing and recording an original song in a JAMMS program, participants in Amplify 2018 Berkshires will, as a band, learn and rehearse songs written by their peers around the world. They will become ambassadors for the JAMMS youth whose songs they are performing, amplifying their message in new and powerful ways and connecting the audience with the stories and cultures of the songs’ authors. The program will culminate with a public concerts on August 26 in Pittsfield and 27 in Great Barrington

Where Your Donation Goes

Each donation of $75 sponsors one participant for one day in the program. Sponsorship of multiple days and multiple students is welcomed!

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