Your Guide to Projects that Excite Donors

Pungl helps you and your donors step away from the crowd.

The key to Pungl success is not setting your fundraising goal, but creating engaging Fundraising Projects. These Projects live on your Pungl page, or shop.

Let’s take a look at how to create your first Fundraising Project.

1. Brainstorm

What do you need? What is one special something that would make an immediate difference to your mission?

That would engage your donors’ hearts and get them excited to give? Is it equipment? Scholarships? Supplies? Food? A special event? Staff? Space?

2. Quantify

How much of it do you need? Apply some measurements. For example, how many spoons?

How days of staff time? How many pounds of food? How many students? How many square feet?

3. Price It

If a donor gave you one unit of what you need, how much would it cost? $5 for one spoon? $25 to feed one family? $200 for a scholarship? $50 a square foot?

Then consider, what would the total cost of your project be? What dollar increments are reachable for your donors, and how many contributions would you need?

4. Pick a Model

Gifts: Ask donors to “buy” a single item or experience to support your mission. Price that item and state how many are available for “sale”.  

For example, an education organization needs $500 for 10 drums for a music class. Donors can each buy one drum by donating $50.

Fund Drives: Ask donors to help you cover the cost of a significant item or experience by contributing a specific amount toward that goal.

For example, a hunger organization needs $1200 for a larger freezer. Donors can give $300 toward the freezer, meaning the organization needs just four special donors to reach their goal.

5. Name It

Feeling creative? Offer your donors the chance to put their names—or the name of a loved one—on something tangible and meaningful. The name can be associated with any part of your project, from school supplies to a marketing effort to a donor list on your website. With Pungl, any size donation can be a meaningful naming opportunity.

Pungl will provide the recipient with a personalized certificate, but we encourage you to provide them with a follow-up such as a letter, a short thank-you video, or a photo of staff holding up a sign with the donor’s name. In this way, the gift shines a spotlight on the recipient, and creates a special connection that goes beyond a typical donation.


Once you’ve brainstormed, done the math, and picked your model, your Fundraising Project is ready for Pungl.

Make Your Fundraising Project Shine  Be creative! Short and sweet, punny, poetic—if it’s memorable, it will command attention. Describe your Fundraising Project, and pull together information about your organization (fundraising project name, project long & short description, photos).

Payments You’ll also need a Stripe account ready to take payment. (Stripe is one of the most widely accepted and reliable payment processors in ecommerce. Nonprofits can email for discounted rates)

Register Then, register with Pungl using this short and sweet formOnce you’re approved, your Pungl shop is easy to build. You can be up and running in about 15 minutes!

Tell the world. Link to your shop in newsletters and on social media. Invite your donors in.

And also, keep creating.

Add more Fundraising Projects to catch more donor interest. Roll your Projects over as you meet goals. Sync new Projects to popular online giving days. Get feedback from your donors and ask what Projects they find most meaningful.

Got questions about Pungl’s fundraising model? Contact us with questions any time.

Or sign up today, launch a project, and see how Pungl can help you stand out from the crowd.

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