Your Guide to Projects that Excite Donors

Not sure how to create a named giving opportunity that ignites the imagination and starts conversation? We’ve put together this guide for setting up a Pungl spotlight project.

Step 1: Brainstorm

Jot down what your organization needs funds for. Is it a physical item? Staffing? Facilities? A new program? A single or recurring event?

Think about how to turn these fundraising needs into named giving opportunities. Ask yourself:

  • Can we attach a name to the item with a label, tag, or plaque? If so, what resources will we need for that (internal staff or specialized subcontractor)?
  • Instead of a physical name, can we honor donors with a certificate showing their named gift, or with photos of our grateful staff or recipients holding a sign with the donors’ names?

Step 2: Gather the Details

Tell Us about You!

Set up your nonprofit shop on Pungl. In addition to your contact information and EIN, we’ll ask you for:

Description of your organization:
These help people find you by entering terms in the search bar, so think about words people might use to search for your organization or spotlight project.

Our team will take a look and ensure your profile has everything it needs. Then we’ll make your shop public.

Create Your Spotlight Project

Now that your shop is open, it’s time to post your named giving opportunity on Pungl! Our website is super user-friendly and will walk you through the process. Along the way, you’ll be asked to fill in the following:

Spotlight Project Name:
Be creative! Short and sweet, punny, poetic—if it’s memorable, it will command attention.

Project Description:
What’s your project all about? Why is it important? Who benefits from it? It’s time to get specific.

What will the donor pay to fund this project? How will the donor’s money be spent?
Provide a breakdown of costs so donors see exactly where their money will go. This can include administrative costs and overhead, if appropriate.

Upload at least one photo that gives donors an idea of the project. It can be a photo from your organization or a stock photo from a free source like Pexels or Pixabay.

How many projects are available for purchase? For example, 5 footballs for a youth team, 1 meal each day for a month for a senior in need, or veterinary care for 43 dogs.

How will you honor the donor? Will they receive a photo of the project? A thank-you letter? A certificate?

Step 3: Review & Share

After you’ve completed the project on Pungl, review it to ensure that all details are correct. Then share it with friends, family, and your community on your favorite social networks!

Step 4: Stop in to Your Store Often

Once you post a named giving opportunity, you’ll need to visit your dashboard regularly. Be sure to update your information promptly if anything changes.

Then enjoy watching your donations grow!

Start fundraising today!