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If you’ve often wished that collecting donations for fundraising campaigns could be a whole lot simpler, we’re glad you found us.

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Exclusively for organizations

We manually vet every organization and don't accept individual fundraisers

Own Your Donor Info

You receive the donation and contact info directly

No Mandatory Rewards

You decide how to follow up with donors, from a simple thank you letter to a naming opportunity

Complete Control

You control how long your campaign runs for and keep all donations

No-risk, easy-to-use online fundraising

Pungl is like eBay for organizations that work for positive change. From culture and education to animal welfare and social justice, we support causes that matter and benefit others. Your page is your very own “shop,” featuring individual fundraising projects that meet specific needs in your organization. Donors visit your Pungl page and select the giving opportunities that match their interests and budget.

Let your donors shine

Feeling creative? Offer your donors the chance to put their names—or the name of a loved one—on something tangible and meaningful. With Pungl, any size donation can be a meaningful naming opportunity.

Keep costs transparent—and simple.

As a for-profit business, we’re able to offer you financial flexibility that nonprofits can’t. All donations are made directly to you through Stripe, and appear in your account within a few days–simplified bookkeeping with no middle man and no soft credits. We don’t get paid unless you do.

Expand your reach

Pungl is a powerful online fundraising platform with the potential to help you reach many thousands of donors through bite-size projects and stories. Our unique marketplace for meaningful fundraising projects makes it easy for donors to browse for opportunities like yours.

We believe in making a mark

Everyone has the power to give and impact lives.


  • – Differentiate your cause and stand out in donors’ minds
  • – Create a lasting legacy between donors and your project
  • – Enable supporters to give donations as gifts

Quick & Easy

Embrace Easy Tech

Pungl’s fundraisers tell us they can’t believe how easy it is to get started. Our registration process is short and sweet, and building your page is simple. 

Tell Your Story

With Pungl you have plenty of room to make an emotional connection with your audience by sharing your mission and the inspiration behind your project.

Keep Evolving

Once your shop is open, you’ll never need to reinvent the wheel. Simply write your core messaging once, then add or subtract fundraising projects as needed and in response to donor interests.

Fun & Meaningful for Your Donors

Be Transparent

Pungl steps away from the traditional campaign model where everyone pitches in toward a numerical goal. Instead, each gift is tied to a direct impact.

Get Found

No tight word limits, no endless scrolling. Our clean and easy layout means donors enjoy searching, or browse our curated areas, to “shop” for projects they feel most connected to.

Get Personal

When someone makes a tribute donation, we give them the option for Pungl to mail a beautiful, custom gift announcement to the honoree or family. We’ll include your donor’s special message and help spread the love.

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