Our Mission

We started Pungl to think outside of the gift box, to connect people with the causes, places, and pursuits they love. And to help small and mid-sized organizations reach beyond a limited local donor base to thousands of like-minded people across the U.S. with our game-changing approach to charitable giving.

Our philosophy is based on an innovative “double giving” model: Nonprofits post a variety of fun spotlight giving opportunities, and donors purchase those gifts to celebrate everything from a family member’s birthday to the good works of a cherished community member, a personal accomplishment, or the memory of a loved one. The nonprofit then names the gift in the recipient’s honor. In this way, the gift shines a spotlight on the recipient by creating a lasting legacy, while also providing much-needed funds to favorite charitable organizations. 

Because the projects featured on our site are accessible to people of a range backgrounds and budgets, Pungl offers us all an equal opportunity to pay tribute to and make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Our Team

Pungl is led by an experienced creative director, Web developer, and content marketing specialist, and is based in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.


Pungl was founded by an accomplished physician who unexpectedly lost a good friend. He created Pungl as a way to honor his friend and help small local organizations continue their good work.