Berkshire Nonprofits Welcome Pungl’s Online Fundraising Platform

On October 5, we held a launch party to introduce Pungl’s online fundraising platform to our local community: nonprofits in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Sponsored by the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires and hosted by the ever-chic Hotel on North, the event helped nonprofit managers get acquainted with how Pungl can help them reach a larger audience and raise funds online with just a few click. It also allowed us to hear from the community about how we can support their giving goals.


Massachusetts State Representative Smitty Pignatelli attended, as did staff members from major cultural and community-resource organizations like the Clark Art Institute, 1Berkshire, Volunteers in Medicine, The Mount, Jacob’s Pillow, Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative, and more. All were excited to hear that Pungl was created specifically to help groups that educate, promote the arts and culture, and do good within their community—making us the first online fundraising website dedicated solely to charitable organizations and helping them expand their donor base.




To demonstrate Pungl’s game-changing approach to online fundraising and named giving, founder Abby Tovell presented some current creative fundraising projects. Berkshire Theatre Group, for example, is raising money for a young artist-in-residence program, with funds going toward salary, housing, and transportation. And Hotfutbol, the subject of last month’s Spotlight Project, is working to complete a basketball court for underserved children in Haiti.


Abby explained how fundraising on Pungl helps donors make their mark—and leave a lasting legacy by attaching their name to the project. For instance, Hotfutbol staff will paint each donor’s name on a wall in the park, then send a photo of the wall and a personal thank-you video to each donor. Meanwhile, Flying Cloud Institute, which is seeking support for its Girls Science Club, will send a personal thank-you note and a photo from the sponsored club.




Pungl’s online fundraising platform allows people anywhere in the country to browse for unique gifts by price point, occasion, category, or location. They can purchase the gifts for themselves, or in honor or in memory of a loved one. This makes it simple to find fun, meaningful gifts for the person who has everything, or for those who have special passions or interests.


Kristen van Ginhoven, artistic director of WAM Theatre, attended the launch. She says, “Pungl opens nonprofits up to a larger market than we could access ourselves. As Pungl grows, it will be seen more and more like an eBay for people seeking a unique way to make an impact with their gifts. People from all over the world could access Pungl—the outreach and access is more than one nonprofit could do on our own.”




Since Pungl allows each organization to differentiate their cause and give voice to their unique brand or nonprofit personality, and Pungl receives a small commission only if your project receives donations, it’s a risk-free way to dip your toes into online fundraising. And there’s no deadline, so your spotlight project can continue for as long as needed until you’ve met your fundraising goals. Pungl also offers national exposure on our website, blog, social media, and e-mail newsletter, allowing you to reach beyond a limited local donor base to anyone in the country who shares your interest and values.


What are you waiting for? Start your own Pungl spotlight fundraising project today!