Fun & Memorable Gifts for Donors

While giving to a meaningful cause can often feel more rewarding than receiving, there’s no doubt that everyone enjoys a thank-you. And when that thank-you comes in the form of a special or unexpected gift, you’d be hard-pressed to find a donor who isn’t tickled by the gesture. You’ve put together an exciting, vibrant campaign, so now it’s time to think beyond the usual acknowledgment letter, and try one of these creative ways to say thanks and offer fun gifts for donors.

  • Plant a tree or some flower bulbs in honor of the donor.
  • If you work with kids, take a photo of all the kids holding up a thank-you sign with the donor’s name on it.
  • Create a video with people in your organization, or the individuals it serves, thanking donors by name.
  • Send a handmade card by a local artisan, with a short description inside about how the donor has helped your cause.
  • Offer a functional item—such as a calendar, pocket notebook, or USB drive—with your nonprofit’s name and logo on it.
  • Put together a mini packet of sweet treats, like cookies or candy, or a gourmet gift in a jar. 
  • Give an item made by your community. For example, if you run a nonprofit for rescue animals, send a gourmet dog biscuit to donors. Or if your nonprofit supports handcrafters, gift your donors with a hand-knit scarf, a screen-printed zipper pouch, a hand-poured candle, or other item made by a member.
  • Create a pretty pin with your logo on it that donors can wear on their clothes or clip to a bag or backpack.
  • Send a gift card either to a local establishment or an online retailer. It doesn’t have to be for a large amount—it’s the reciprocation that counts!

The key with gifts for donors is to keep them modest; don’t go overboard, or you may find that it has the reverse effect, and donors feel less motivated to give, because their original gesture doesn’t feel as meaningful. But surprising donors with a small, heartfelt thank-you—and including a letter or note that details how their gift is helping your charity—will go a long way toward creating a feeling of reciprocal generosity.

If you love the idea of gifts for donors, including small tokens to thank them for supporting your organization, contact us! We can help you set up a unique fundraising project that gives back to donors with fun gifts they can use for themselves or give to friends and loved ones.