How to Choose a Memorable Name for Your Fundraising Project

The advertising industry has long known that the right tagline can go a long way toward making a brand a top-of-mind favorite for consumers. Likewise, a clever or memorable fundraising projects or campaign name will leave a lasting impression for months, if not years, and make it easy for donors to remember when it comes time to get into the giving spirit.

Here’s how to name a fundraising campaign in a way that people will instantly remember:

Step 1

Gather a small group of advisers—small being the operative word here. While it’s tempting to cast the net wide and ask for opinions from your entire staff or even your constituents, this can lead to Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen Syndrome. It’s nearly impossible to please everyone, and some people may actually feel insulted if you choose something too targeted toward one group. Instead, create a focused team that’s dedicated to taking the project from concept to fruition. Involve at least one professional writer and one marketing expert on your team.

Step 2  

Describe your project. What’s the goal? What benefit will it bring to the organization or to individuals? Who will it benefit? What makes this project special or distinctive? How can we be authentic to our mission while inspiring support? Jot down key words and phrases to answer all of these questions.

Step 3

Read over what you’ve collected, and start homing in on the campaign’s vision and goals. While fundraising projects and campaigns often lend themselves to inspirational messaging, you’ll want to discard any words or phrases that hint at unrealistic promises (for example, you’ll want to avoid calling a campaign to raise funds for the senior prom Changing Lives). Also be cautious of superlative slogans, which can sound too exaggerated or dramatic—for instance, His Future Depends on You or The Greatest Gift You Can Give.

Step 4

The next step of how to name a fundraising campaign is to start wordsmithing. Try different combinations of active, impactful words and adjectives, and calls to action. Avoid obvious titles, like The 75th Anniversary Campaign or The Campaign to Improve Literacy. Instead, try being descriptive: 75 Years of Friendship & Scholarship, or Transforming Lives, One Book at a Time.

Step 5

Experimenting with literary devices like alliteration, metaphor, and rhyme. Puns, wordplay, and twists on familiar movie and song titles, or even popular phrases, can also be effective and memorable. Check out this downloadable PDF from iModules for even more tips on crafting the perfect campaign slogan or title.

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