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No-risk, easy-to-use online fundraising for nonprofits or organizations that are doing good in the Berkshires. Pungl is like eBay for organizations that work for positive change: post a fundraising project and reach locals who want to help. Registration is free and quick!

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Discover unique, meaningful causes that have a positive impact—and that give back. Make your mark by donating to organizations whose work is close to your heart. Or give in honor of a friend or family member’s birthday, anniversary, personal accomplishment, or memory.

Top fundraising projects:

Make your mark by donating to organizations whose work is close to your heart.

Why donate on Pungl?


Pungl transforms your online giving experience. Every project lists a set purchase price and how your money is being spent, so you can feel confident knowing exactly how your donation will make a difference.

Causes you can trust

We manually vet every organization to be sure they comply with our stringent standards.
Each project also lists exactly how your donation is used, and who benefits from it.

Think outside
the gift box

On Pungl, all donations can be made in honor of a friend or family member. Some gifts can even be named after you – see “follow up” in projects to see what they offer.

Need a unique gift?

You’re in the right place! With each donation, you’ll have the option to email a certificate to that person, or we’ll send them a free card in the mail letting them know of your generous donation in their name. Find a great gift by interest, region, price range or occasion.

Tips for Donors and Nonprofits

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Spotlight Nonprofit: Music In Common

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